Why am I always below average in everything I do?

Comparing oneself with outside standards is normal behavior. This becomes a disorder when you start rating yourself lower in every situation.

This is a counterproductive behavior where your emotional and cognitive abilities show you in defeating position what ever you do. In psychological term its known as “Self defeating behavior disorder” through which you will feel kind of a looser even before you start in any game.

If you don’t break this thought-process then this can form an integral part of your attitude.

“Your biggest Challenge is ….. You Yourself ”

Our inside potential is always hidden and not visible to self. This is because Most of the time our conscious is driven outward and we keep comparing ourself with external benchmarks, worldly possessions, labels and abilities.When this behavior is in moderation it creates a perfect competition but obsessive self beating and negative thinking and can lead to various complex mental and psychological disorders.

We can start to correct this behavior with following step

  1. Investing energies on Self Awareness
  2. Focusing on inner potentials
  3. Drawing awareness on inner consciousness
  4. Empathy and compassion for self and others.

This will ward off fear of failure and build a positive outlook toward self.

With new discoveries of Neuroscience and work on emotional awareness we have found that it is very much possible to “train your brain to think positive” at any stage of life. Suggest you to go through this article and learn how to Rewire your brain for Success . I am sure with practice and help of good mentor or coach you can build a


Writer Manish Behl is the founder of “BeyondMind” and Braincloud India. As a professional coach he creates Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence based solutions for individuals and organizations on leadership, performance, resilience, and well-being. With over 25 years of leadership experience in the corporate world, he works on empowerment of professionals, individuals, and corporates through groundbreaking practices of#Emotional intelligence, #Neuroscience, and #Mindfulness.

An author who has extensively studied and developed transformational life practices which are life-changing and allows one to see their inner self, invoke positive thinking, augment neurological & transcendent energies and ability to connect with hyper-intelligence.

#Beyond Mind is where he and his team expedite the birth of new mindsets and engaging behaviors at all levels of the organization. His purpose is to empower people to expand social-emotional competencies leading to better relationships thus ensuring successful performance and joyful life.

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