Neural pathways function as roads between points of interest in the brain and nervous system. Each time you think, feel, or act, you forge a new mental path.

You would agree that for a healthy body you need good food and exercise, than why many of us forget that the great brain also needs a good workout to keep it in best shape. Participating in self awareness focused development activities we train your brain to stay sharp and expand your ability to learn new skills, behaviors and thus increase your performance.


Attention is the fundamental energy of the mind

Neuroscience proves if we harness this energy we can make our life path successful


Brain and the Neuroscience of Success

The solution lies in the power of your mental state to rewire your brain connections. Learning new power skills like mindfulness and social emotional intelligence can change your life performance


Corporate giants like Facebook, Wipro, Google, Adobe etc. have started regular mindfulness sessions . Know why ?