Invest in your Leadership

Executing on strategy, addressing business challenges, building capability for the future – these are just some of the hard-hitting scenarios clients are faced with in today’s VUCA environment.

With new age of Fourth Industrial Revolution and intertwining of Artificial Intelligence in our day to day life, are we geared up for the challenges?

As executive coaches and trainers, we support our clients to address leadership and managerial challenges, increase team efficiency and enhance overall organizational performance.

The quality of your leadership drives the performance of the organization

Beyond Mind accelerates strategy and business results by unlocking the leadership potential in your organization. We drive results by partnering with organizations to align leadership strategy with business goals, optimizing the organizational environment for leadership and harnessing the energy of a well-developed workforce.

Bring Mindful Leadership to your organisation

Creative and innovative people and organizations achieve long-term success

Empowered leaders know how to overcome constraints that limit their ability to solve problems, address challenges and develop innovative solutions. We rewire core mental habits that promotes creativity and free up mental space for innovation to drive results.

Being creative is all about making connections in your brain

Successful execution of a growth strategy depends on having a culture that drives high performance

Successful companies are agile and embrace change as part of their culture to stay ahead of the competition. With Beyond Mind know how to effectively create change, anticipate resistance, proactively address concerns, drive innovation, creativity, and collaboration with increased buy-in to ensure a successful change implementation and move your organization forward.

 Create Environment which thrives Perforamance & Leadership 

People and Process are the most important aspect of driving sale and generating revenue

In sales, problems include business relationships not working, low morale, low productivity or high staff turnover. In terms of the techniques we use –we find it more helpful to provide people with a new language that helps them negotiate and sell better. Using EQ and Mindfulness tools, we provide people with a new way of understanding the value of relationships and how best to work with them to generate higher revenue.

Using Emotions Can Help Drive Way More Sales

Working smarter by combining emotional and cognitive capabilities.

Increased productivity mostly means working smarter by combining emotional and cognitive capabilities. We all know it’s not the machines or industrial processes that produce the most value in the present economy, but people. We provide solutions to increase employee performance and increased organisational productivity

Positive team behaviors can improve team spirit, increases efficiency and reduces conflicts

We help interdependent teams at all levels collaborate more effectively to achieve organizational goals and build strong performance cultures. Steeped in deep research and best practices, our work with teams builds individual leadership skills, provides a collective capacity to learn and work together, and directly impacts business goals

Bring Mindful Leadership to your organisation

85% of your success depends upon EQ.Unlike IQ your EQ can evolve and increase through Coaching and training

Emotional Intelligence, an ability to understand and control your own and others feelings, became an essential component of success and leadership development.

As experts in this domain, we empower leaders and team by enhancing their EQ to set a clear vision for colleagues and get the best from people within their organisations

Bring Emotional and Social  Leadership to your organisation

Mindful coaching approach to stress can create a resilient behavior, better work environment which maximizes health and productivity

Resilience is that indescribable capability that helps us bounce back from adversity and leadership setbacks – qualities that are crucial in today’s business environment. Navigate stress with skill and be your best in the face of any challenge at work with tools and practices at Beyond mind.

Enhances Wellbeing & Resilience

Empathetic communication increase the effectiveness during the exchange of information ideas, and emotions

Business communication is an essential part of corporate culture, which rests on trust, candour and empathy.

Our ability to persuade other people and to achieve the desired results depends on the ability to apply communication techniques and active listening. Our programs help leaders and teams on focussed attention and active listening.