Focus is the epicenter for performance.  Companies like Rolls Royce, Adobe, SAP, Facebook, Google, and Hubspot, LinkedIN  have all started their Mindfulness practices in the organization.

The real purpose of Mindfulness is building inner leadership  by paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and non judgmentally.

Attention is the fundamental energy of the mind

Neuroscience proves if we harness this energy we can make our life path successful



Mindfulness is a practice which bring calm and inner peace.  Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.

“Connecting with your true consciousness”

Self Awareness & Self Mangement

Stress and Anxiety are a major problem of our chaotic lifestyle. Recent studies and research on meditation done by top scientist and various universities have found that most of us are so busy in rat race to acquire materialistic objects that we completely forget our real purpose and our responsibilities towards self and families.

Why Beyond Mind

We at Beyond mind help you to connect with your subconscious mind through mindfulness and meditation practices which build harmony and perfect balance between mind, body and soul.  Regular practice clears the mind of subconscious layers of anger, depression, anxiety, fear, phobias and sadness and produces a seemingly perfect psychological, emotional and spiritual balance.


Mindfulness & Meditation has unlimited benefits, few of them are as below:

  • Stress-free living
  • Inner Wellbeing
  • Develop Intuition
  • Optimum Health and Mental clarity
  • Lifestyle Improvement
  • Slay Fears & Phobia’s
  • Improved relationships
  • Emotional and Spiritual balance
  • Self Care and Self Responsibility
  • Build Happiness and Inner Peace
  • Help you find your Passion and Purpose.

Corporate giants like Facebook, Wipro, Google, Adobe etc. have started regular mindfulness sessions . Know why ?